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Anchor and SportaPost Announce Cooperation Partnership

Anchor Sport Business Advisors and SportaPost are thrilled to announce they have entered into a partnership, combining Anchor’s strategic sports consulting services with SportaPost’s innovative sports marketing app. With the partnership in place, Anchor and SportaPost will bring their services to the US.

SportaPost provides sport clubs, leagues and federations with the power to engage with their fans through SportaPost’s beautifully designed, easy-to-use app. With SportaPost, sports entities can easily create & share high-quality content fast and easy to their fans on social media.

SportaPost has in short time become a staple of many of our clients’ ways of working. We believe SportaPost’s Premium subscription features act as a great addition and complement to Anchor’s services and we cannot wait to incorporate this with our clients in the US.” says Anchor’s Matt Shannon.




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