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Welcome to Anchor Sport Business Advisors

Consulting and Management for a Competitive Edge

Anchor is a boutique sport business advisory company focused on a single mission: to increase the competitiveness of sport clubs, organisations and federations as well as athletes in the Nordic market. 

At Anchor, we strive to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking sport consulting firm. 

Anchor is the first sport advisory firm offering services to both clubs and players. Our unique focus on sport enable us to provide our clients with cost-efficient, highly specialised and tailor-made solutions.


Rasmus Hallbäck | Founder

Anchor Consulting

Whatever your needs might be, Anchor Consulting aims to facilitate your needs by always tailoring its services.

Our services range from ad-hoc help desk type services to more demanding projects such as organisational health analysis, strategy or branding related work.

Anchor Management

From assisting you in your first real contract negotiations all the way to the planning of post-career opportunities, Anchor Management is here to assist you.

Anchor Management's focus is on representing players in handball but we have experience of providing a wide range of services to athletes from other sports as well.

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