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Anchor Consulting

Cost-efficient Solutions to Increase Your Competitive Edge

Whatever your needs might be, Anchor Consulting aims to facilitate needs by always tailoring its offering. Our services range from ad-hoc help desk type services to more demanding projects such as organisational health analysis or strategy related work.

Anchor Organisational Report

Looking to develop your organisation but not sure where to allocate your resources? With Anchor's Organisational Report we look at your organisation's key drivers and present them to you in a concise and professional way.

The Organisational Report contains a summary of your organisation, a SWOT analysis completed with details on what your organisation should focus on to take the next step.

Anchor Organisational Health Analysis

Want to improve your organisation both on and off the field? With the help of a thorough survey of both back-office staff as well as first-team players and personnel, Anchor Organisational Health Analysis provides your organisation an in-depth report on your organisation's perceived competitiveness and well-being.

The findings are used to improve internal efficiency but also highlights the key-drivers of the individuals in both team and back-office.

Anchor Social Media

Regardless of the size of your marketing division (or lack thereof) we have the capabilities to offer you a wide range of services to help you improve your social media presence.

We offer workshops, social media strategy related advise as well as comprehensive strategy manuals to assist you in developing your social media presence.

Anchor Branding & Strategy

Looking to rebrand your organisation or improving your message but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your brand?

As part of our workshops, we focus on what makes your organisation unique. Anchor acts as a helping hand and assists you in drafting an internal handbook to help you on your way to a strong and efficient brand.

Anchor Financial Planning and Strategy Help-Desk

Anchor's help-desk service is a great tool for organisations with a need for outside counsel on a need-to basis when it comes to financial planning or strategy related questions. With just a quick call, your organisation can outsource work to one of Anchor's dedicated professionals in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Services

Below are examples on some of our services. Because each organisation is different, we always tailor our offering, depending on our clients' preferences. 

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