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The Anchor Blog

So, I decided to start writing.

Why? Well to be quite honest, there's always been some part of me who's been eager to start writing. I've always liked creating texts and discussing sports and sports business trends, and what better outlet to use than your company's website - might as well, right?


Shortly about me. I'm the proud founder of Anchor and an overall sports geek. After graduating from the sports management program at Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden, I spent 3,5 fantastic years working in the Client Relations team at a premier Nordic law firm in Helsinki where my work consisted of assisting the firm's senior lawyers and coordinating the firm's pitching efforts in both Sweden and Finland. At some point I started thinking about starting my own company in the field of sports business, which after all, was the field which I studied and where my true passion lies.

After some initial planning (years) and a couple of pro-bono assignments to test and fine-tune the company's main service areas, I felt the structure for what would eventually become Anchor was in a good enough place to actually pull the trigger on it. In early March of this year it was finally time to pursue it and here we are.

This blog will feature texts about what's happening in the field of sports but also feature thoughts on the Nordic sports landscape in general. My hope is that the topics in this blog will inspire people to comment and engage in interesting conversations about the world of sports.




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